Oils of Anointing, the therapy of Anointing

“The whole work of a physician consists of leading man to a new birth.”

Huile d'Onction

The human being is a relational being, in constant adaptation in order to preserve his inner and outer balance; this balance is both dynamic and rhythmical.
If there is a rupture of this balance in relational exchanges, whether this is at the physical level or the psychical or spiritual level, there is sickness.

The meaning of sickness, of the lack of well-being, consists of leading the afflicted person back to a sense of life: this is the vocation of the therapist.
Anointing and the oils of anointing called “Huiles Consolatrices Adevaya” do not have as their scope the repelling of sickness; they accompany the process of transformation and initiation which reveals to us a sickness or a lack of well-being. They can accompany us in our great turning points of life, in order to preserve or recover our fundamental health.

The therapy of Anointing is a sacred and re-unifying act which touches us at the most intimate and ultimate part of ourselves; practised with a consciousness of “solar” and soothing touch, it re-orientates the person to the sense of Living. The Oils of Anointing take care of the Body and re-awaken it to its sacred dimension. Gently they follow the path of the senses in order to re-unify the whole being and restore to it its wholeness; a re-awakening of the senses, a re-awakening of awareness. Starting from its bodily and sensual reality, the whole being returns to itself. As mediators, Anointing and the Oils of Anointing, re-establish a fluid and rhythmical relationship within us and amongst us, between us and Life which is present in us.

Progressively, accompanied by gentleness, the human being has no more fear of opening up, of expanding and blossoming into a greater life within himself… He has no more fear of opening his arms and offering his heart, to the centre of the cross of his reunified and re-oriented Body, letting himself become more fruitful through Love; Meeting becomes possible, relationship becomes accessible.

From wounded Love to Healing Love, is not this the path of our life?

To apply an Oil of Anointing, for oneself, or to pass on the Anointing, is always a conscious and sacred act, an awareness of “the Presence” which is transmitted by the process of Anointing and by Touch.

Etymologically the meaning of the word “consolation” (=soothing) is clear on this subject:

“consolare” = to go with the sun; “consolus” = to go with one who is alone.

Our most basic parts and our deepest memories are awakened, listened to and consoled by Anointing. These memories are in touch with our Original Hurt engendered by illusion and separation. Hearts and Bodies demand to be no longer alone. They demand to be joined once more to our interior Sun and to go with the Sun… Life in us, “the Presence” is in us, springing from our loving and radiant heart.

To Anoint means to exchange the very energy of Living, to give and receive in one single movement and one single scent. The barriers of Mind and Speech are wiped out… Hearts and Bodies demand Consolation and Soothing in order to rediscover the energetic, psychic and spiritual balance necessary to embark on the journey of Return and to be re-born in the Heart-Love which brings the death of Death, that place in the Heart of our Heart where Love is stronger than Death.

Anointing is indissociable from the two most ancient senses of Man, touch and smell. These two senses bring us back to our primitive instinctuality and our openness to the world of Incarnation.

By touch and smell, regressive senses directly bound to the emotional brain, Anointing will be able to console at depth the Orignal Hurts of Love and all those that the person can no longer remember consciously;

The skin is the organ of the bodily contact with the other; the affective history of the person is inscribed within it. It plays a capital role in the protection and immunity of our body. It is tied directly to the brain and our emotional life.

The sense of smell acts at the very centre of all the balances and exchanges of the brain, (the lobe which is he veritable heart and mediator of the brain,) such that the aromatic molecules will have a direct action on all the regulatory systems of the organism. What we smell determines our state of being and is the source of psycho-affective balance, energizing, sexual and spiritual harmonies. Natural aromas appeal to our natural sensitivity; they alert us to whatever can cause vibrations in our bodies and souls. They cause us to transcend space-time in order to be completely immerged in the absolute of the present moment. They awaken in us the perception of the beauty of the world. The voices of plants evoke the voices of our souls. From a different Covenant with Nature we rediscover our own nature.

The “Huiles Consolatrices Adevaya” act in synergy with soothing touch and perfume in order to help our armoured and wounded bodies and hearts to rediscover a balanced and harmonious dynamism in all the exchanges within the brain. Our whole being is stimulated in its self-healing capacities.

The reflex-zones of the Body are stimulated by Oils of Anointing, (feet, hands, nose, ears and abdomen), and they in turn have a regulatory and harmonising action on the whole organism.

Touching, massage and imposition of hands can affect equally the “subtle bodies”. It is possible to massage a person’s aura, using hands steeped in an “Huile Consolatrice Adevaya” suitably adapted, and to expel the stagnations of emotional energy and those tinged with psychical pollution, in order to re-establish fluidity. As the Soothing Oils are vibrationally active, they have the capacity to enter into syntonism with our Body-Matter and its different subtle layers: ideal for “deprogramming” old memories inscribed in the density of our bodies, and whose scars have left permanent traces.

The path of the human towards the Human, of health to Holiness, is possible for all; it is inscribed in our genes. It is revealed thanks to an awareness and the consolation of our wounded Hearts and Bodies, which are perfectly capable of the Gift of Love.

Anointing and the Oils of Anointin bear within themselves the realizatio of the Christic and initiatory Path of Man in his Return-Journey to what he really is, both ontologically and from all Eternity.

“We are not human beings living a spiritual experience,
but spiritual beings living a human experience.”
(P. Teilhard de Chardin,, scientist and Jesuit, 1881-1955)

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 The “Huiles Consolatrices Adevaya”,
Adevaya Solar Oils

“Creation can only be effected with the participation of the Man who loves
and who gives.” (Françoise Leskens).

fabrication huileThe “Huiles Consolatrices Adevaya” are synergies chosen with care and dynamised. They are composed of various vegetable oils, essential oils, solar macerations of fresh plants and diverse minerals. They are destined for external usage and aimed at disharmonies and hurts at different levels of being.
All the constituents, some very rare, are selected for their physico-chemical and energetic action, for their scent, their colour and their capacity of response to the process of “elevation” of matter to the Life that animates it.
The products thus obtained are “alive”, biochemically and vibrationally active.

The “Huiles Consolatrices Adevaya” are developed with practical skills and conscientiously, according to a particular operational technique, respecting balances of Sun and Moon and Heaven and Earth (Biosphere).
“Trinitarian” in the image of the human being, they have been elaborated in order to enter into resonance with the threefold nature of our functional unity in are-unified and sacralised oneness of Body, Soul and Spirit.
The totality of the process of elaboration is in the image of the initiatory path of Man in his journey of Return to what he is from all eternity, a spiritual being living a human experience.

The “Huiles Consolatrices Adevaya” are a living matter, re-unified and awakened by the consciousness of Love- Light necessary to their elaboration; they are sacred products. They are Virgin Lands, ready for sowing, ready to receive Consecration. (Consecration: Etym. “with the sacred”)
Successive deaths and engenderings of the matter offered, which is re-born to itself, accomplished matter, “crowned” matter. The cells remember their primordial unity. The unpassable threshold is passed over…
“Be faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of life.” (John, Apocalypse 11;10)
Sacred and consecrated, the “Huiles Consolatrices Adevaya” react to the consciousness-love of the person using them, transmitting it to all levels of the organism.

Taking the path from wounded love to Healing Love, the Soothing Oils and Anointing Therapy re-inform the being of the presence of the Living One and give him back the possibility of recovering his vital harmony, his referential health.
The liberating and soothing act of anointing, a pure act of therapy, can only be applied to the rising flow of an open heart. Every intellectual knowledge can only surrender to the service of the power of a radiant heart.

The “Huiles Consolatrices Adevaya” are only destined for external application.
They cannot replace the prescriptions and advice of your doctor. Their action is complementary.

“The fine point of the act of therapy is LOVE.”
(Françoise Leskens)

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