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A-RÂ-MU Lemurian Essence, anointing Solar oil, born on the full moon of September 2013, is the completely natural, crystalline olfactory fruit achieved , following the writing of the first two books, though a process of multidimensional opening/meditation/blossoming.
This process although personal, is in phase with the galactic transformation-mutation that is presently taking place on earth. This transformation is the responsibility of all human beings, whether or not we are conscious participants.
This time of mutation we are all living in is called Ascension or Apocalypse and is a time of Revelation. Ascension to....? Revelation of...?
Ascension is nothing if not TOTAL acceptance, without holding onto our material incarnation, which will allow us, though Transparency, to discover and live the Revelation of our true Nature: Love Light. Transparency allows the Illuminated living of this Truth.
We now have the possibility of consciously living the emergence of the Primordial Earth through the Crystal Womb-Matrix; the earth is living this, our very beings are living this and the galaxy is living this.
This is the resurgence of the original  Golden-age of  Lemuria, MU and Atlantis, which is coded within the earth’s crystals and coded within our DNA-RNA;  enabling the return to an age  “pre dating” the ceasing of  3D time-space, “pre-dating” our Divine Creator-Magician beings that identify with the film of their creation and “pre-dating”  the perversions ensuing from egocentricity.

As with each “Huile Consolatrice ADEVAYA”, this oil-scent is Light Technology linked more than ever to the sacred art of anointing; created to act as a dimensional gateway between the 3D material dimension and the Crystal-Earth of the 5 th dimension, this oil activates in our beings our divine qualities to also become Dimensional Gateways. This is a state not lesser than the state of Christic Being. “I am the gateway....” (Yeshoua)

A-RÂ-MU, in accordance with the same essence of anointing, produces an activation of the pineal gland when used, while anchoring ourselves in the Presence of Zero Point. Helping us return to being Conscious creative pilots, no longer acquiescent to this Space-Time.
Rediscovering the energetic Autonomy of our Unified state of being is a path to Reunification and of Eternity where the Being evolves between the sensualistic and the Conscious: this Perfume, through the sensual practice of Presence in the moment liberates Joy, Ecstasy, Creativity, Magic and spontaneity: this is shining Transparency of our true selves.
The quality of our relationship with other beings and the world depends on our relational clarity with ourselves; our capacity to Love is dependant on us loving ourselves.

The high concentration of precious and aromatic essential oils, only from plants of Madagascar, at 22%, the precise composition of the olfactory bouquet and it's process of elaboration-activation, make A-RÂ-MU Lemurian Essence an exceptional perfume which allows Transparency and Reliance to be lived. These factors also create a deep physiological psycho-energetic action, through the olfactory senses and absorption through the skin.

This is a resonating key to rediscovery of energetic autonomy through dynamically balancing and reconciling opposition, on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes. Rebalancing conscious and unconscious, rational and irrational, masculine and feminine, action and inaction. Interior and exterior, cosmic and telluric..... Therefore a perfume of Anchoring and Alignment that incites us to return to the Essential.
A-RÂ-MU Lemurian Essence is not lived like other perfumes, it's presence is not created though artificially fixed aroma that creates an exterior perfume, once the olfactory experience diminishes the resonance is directed inwards. The synthesis of opposites is also realized though A-RÂ-MU Lemurian Essence's unifying action on the left and right sides of the brain: therefore rational thought creative thought and feelings can be attuned. The two hemispheres of the brain will work at the same frequency; no longer in discord but able to work in a synchronous manner. This harmonious vibration activates the pineal gland, anointing gland of the Light Technologies of our bodies, and has a reverberation in the activation in our DNA-RNA crystal codes of the Golden Age of Lemurian. Synchronization of the hemispheres of the brain brings the reunification necessary for living Transparency.
A-RÂ-MU Lemurian Essence is a therapeutic perfume that works on balance and meditation. This perfume allows us to be in the moment , according us the ideal conditions for Living; Men and Women, anchored between heaven and earth and associated in the work of Creation. Returning us to Essence and inner peace. Giving us back Universal (Collective) Consciousness through our unity, helping us to regain security and confidence in life.
A-RÂ-MU Lemurian Essence is the perfume of self fulfillment; Transparency allows our Light Nature to shine forth with less and less interference.

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Eau et Feu : La RéunificationWater ans fire : Reunification. Oils and Elixir. Practice of Anointing

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