"La fine pointe de l'acte thérapeutique est Amour..."

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Energy-Biochemist: Development of Adevaya Solar Anoiting Oils, “Huiles Consolatrices Adevaya”

Author: L’Envol de la ŠerpenTerre, La Rédemption.
Livre 1: Le Processus. Livre 2: La Matrice.
Le Livre de ŠhaMuRâ: Le Secret des dieux.

“The Secret of Life? To live, simply to live. We are made for Life, for movement, for successive metamorphoses, for the pulsing rhythm of the flux of a Living Being…
YES to Life, the quality of transmission by the Sacred Feminine, Mary, Isis, Astarte… to be open, in the virgin-state of the absence of mental projections, totally receptive, in this YES, to that Living Being which penetrates, the Light of the World which gives fruitfulness…
The secret is this YES, abandonment to this YES, which means that it is this Living Being which lives in us. This point of abandonment is at the Heart of our heart… The fine point of the therapeutic act is LOVE.”

Without the Essential, there can be no Anointing . Without the Essence of the plant there cannot be any Anointing. The plant, whatever obstacles there may be in its way, will always grow in the direction of the light.
Essence, essentiality, sense and the senses … Sensuality, the way of the senses is a way of growth, and it is the way I have chosen to follow…

I am a woman of the Land. I experiment. An adventurer through Life, a lover of the Living One … and greedy … Passionate for the Living One, I have not restricted myself to tasting only one aspect of what life has to offer.

Yes, I am a passionate discoverer, an explorer in the first place, in order to realise that it is not enough to discover … What is there.

I am a woman of intuition, following the dictates of my Heart, and one who has learned to “surf on the wave of life”, and it is this wave of life which has been at the origin of the richness of the journey of which I will tell you and which has brought me to the banks of Anointing … and of Love.

My name is Françoise Leskens. I was born in Brussels, brought up in a religious milieu that was dogmatic, rigid, grey and enclosing. As a little girl I used to say: “you can take everything away from me, but no-one will ever steal my soul!” or again: “How lucky I am to know that He exists…”  I felt His presence in me. But at the same time, around me was: Nothing. This childhood forced me to look for the Essential, to be nourished, not to die. This childhood gave me the appeal to Light, to colours to space: the appeal to life. This mystical and solitary childhood gave me the mark of Fire, of the appeal to Love.…

After years of study, having become a biologist and a biochemist, I did scientific laboratory research, only to realise how much the emotional dimension was lacking in me: “warmth and colours …”

“One must know how to let oneself be carried forward by events and to seize one’s chance…”  (interview in Bilan Magazine 1993.)  Events opened up to me the world of design…

“Being curious about everything, and almost obsessively perfectionist, excited by artistic and technical innovations…” (Femina 1993). From being a scientific researcher I became an esthetical and technical researcher through my profession of designer for several brands of luxury watchmakers.  “…in the spirit of synergy between heart and intellect which characterizes it.” (Journal NV, 1993)

“I love harmony, and my creations are part of life… A watch is a living object…” (Femina magazine, 1993).

“Françoise’s vision is that of combining rigour and artistic sensitivity in order to create products whose esthetical success is to touch the heart.” “ I want to create watches whose shape is not limited by the three dimensions of volume. I want them to …irradiate a spark of life.” (Journal 24 h. 1992)

“… an added value which contains a powerful message … This fourth dimension touching at the same time both heart and spirit.” ( Express Magazine, Neuchâtel, 1992)

Could I stop at this point? What  was stirring me deeply and seeking its means of expression? What Harmony, what Creation of Life, what Heart and what Spirit was I speaking about in this? … so I went on my way.…

I wanted to respond  to the Call of a dimension of myself which I did not yet know. This Call was speaking to me of the great Spaces, of Freedom, of the High Peaks, of the Heights and Depths … , yes, the spiritual Call of the Way of the Mountain-tops. In fact, I was greatly surprised  to see that, instead of climbing, I was finding myself plunging into the depths…

The Way of Stripping, the pain of the loss of false certainties and beliefs, of the patterns that gave shape and security. The death of illusions giving way to Truth, Reality and Relationship.

To outward appearances I once more changed my whole life, but in fact I was returning to a rediscovery of my life’s direction, making sense once again of my past. Nobody really changes their life: life is an uninterrupted flow of metamorphoses, deaths and re-births back to oneself, in which each stage has meaning and occurs in its place.

Having once more access to the other, and to the great Other, it was in this that I found the Living One He had always been there and I simply had not seen Him… I learned to perceive his presence in everything. No need to seek, but just to live, simply Live and discover that the All is there. What makes the richness of life is the richness of relationship: life is relationship. Life is made for life.

So, my past, my being, my knowledge and creative abilities were refunded  in a more harmonious and dynamic unity.

My way forward is the discovery of my fundamental health, its sacredness and that of every human being.
I love humanity deeply. The aspiration to improve and to share the knowledge that will permit us to consciously mend the sacred bonds between Matter, Energy and Spirit has been born from my experience. Rebuilding the living link between health, science, sexuality, spirituality and the multidimensional nature  of the living, is part of what is called the Ascension Process.
In my practical approach, energy, psychotherapy and spirituality are inseparable from physical  energy, sexual and relational. The vibratory, informational and quantum nature of the matter is the very nature life itself.

I believe this entire area of paranormal phenomena will be scientifically explicable by the new life paradigm and new laws yet to be discovered ( physical, mathematical ) linked with other conscientious fields. My own discoveries, by a multidimensional opening process (a awakening ascensional process) related in my books, are similar with I read about quantum physics, quantum astrophysics and superstring multidimensional theory.

I also realised to what extent our society and collective Unconscious are impregnated and wounded by Judeo-Christian beliefs which often deform the original Christic message, which is a message of Life, Health and Love. By passing on the art of Anointing, I also hope to re-establish the teaching of the Master, that has shown us how each one of us can be open to receive more Life in ourselves, more Love on ourselves, through our body and thanks to our body. A living and lived message that leads us quite naturally to health and holiness, from the human to the Human.

Body, health, life, energy, fragrance, sensuality, biochemistry, relational, harmony, beauty, colours, conscience, love, multidimension, holograms, quantum, neuroplasticity,  perceptions, astrophysics, stellar lineage, genetics, alchemy, the history of humanity, galaxies, awakening, liberation, immortality, divine, magic, transdimensional experiences, Christ... The bonds between all of these have gradually been revealed by the modification of perceptions caused by the Ascensional Process. I have understood from experience  that this famous Ascensional Process is a radical organic transformation-mutation, and not what some “Forces” would have us believe.
Thus, the elaboration of the anointing oils “Huiles Consolatrices Adevaya” has not only permitted me to retrieve ancient female stellar “memories” relative to the sacred art of anointment; but conversely: living certain aspects of my multidimensional nature  has permitted me to push forward the preparation process of the Oils.
Creating them as Light Technology, identical to the light technology that is the human body – a transdimensional vessel –  the anointment treatment and the oils accompany the Ascensional Process with their huge effects on the liberation of energy flow and the activation of the light codes.

With this particular elaboration process at Adevaya, the essence of the herbal state's nobility and light, address' the noble and luminous quintessence of the human being. Luminous nobility of the living, in all multidimensional worlds.

For as long as I can remember, I have experienced an expanding conscience and visions. Today I know that, through inherent qualities of the Light Technology that is our human body, it is an increasingly conscious activation process of multidimensional living where, amongst others, DNA-RNA  and the endocrine glands including the pineal gland intervene. Thus I have explored and discovered little by little the holographic, quantum and fractal nature of the human being and of his relationship with his environment, and this on different levels.
This conscious process accelerated in 2009, I have since written three volumes, recounting not only the Process itself, but also the fabulous discoveries relative to the multidimensional living, historic and genetic of our humanity and of our humanities links, active today, with our stellar origins.
Thus I understood where my irresistible attraction for the sacred female art, magic and quantum of Anointment, and its link with our stellar memories, genetics, the Grail, Occitania, the crystal skulls and the ANDARA “glass” which I discovered throughout the writing of these books.
During this Process, which is multidimensional from the beginning, other aspects of my being lived side by side with the 3D aspect “Françoise Leskens”. MYRHA comes from a larger dimension incorporating 3D, and precisely linked to the program of Redemption and the technology of light that is the anointment in our human bodies.
When Le Livre de ŠhaMuRâ (the Book of  ŠhaMuRâ) was written, the dimension of the Hyperborean Elves archangels, the Séraphims Elohims lived connected to the dimension of the platinum dragons and the  Melchitsédek of the MU Empire. Thus, MYRHA was automatically linked to the androgynous AMYRHAËL of the MU.

Through the diverse aspects of my work, making the link between Ancient Traditions, hermetic Gnosis, science, the mystical and the exploration of the conscience, my wish is to transmit simple and practical means for the human being to discover his love-light nature, take back his energetic autonomy, his magic and his liberty. Today it is essential, for all therapists, all scientists, and for every one of us, to understand and to integrate the multidimensional nature of the living.

From my Awakening Process and the therapy I practice, I was able to understand and to undergo the importance of instinctual and vital sexual energy rehabilitation. This underlies every aspect of my work including  my writings.

Being a woman myself in this 3D, I am addressing women in particular regarding sexual and relational “education”. Thus replacing sexual energy in the context of physical, psychological, spiritual and relational health, that we understand and that we live, its incredibly essential role concerning the Awakening. Develop and propose what you discover on the page Female Sexuality of the catalogue has naturally been imposed.

The wave of Life  has brought me to the Ariège, a land rich in history and deeply impregnated with the quest for the Essential. I live near Montségur, and practice as a therapist, quantum biochemist and author
This country gives me the quality of life, peace and harmony necessary  for producing and developing the Adevaya Anointing Solar Oils, “Huiles Consolatrices Adevaya”.
I  also intervene publicly, to share my passion for the Living, for Love, through Anointing, through lecture and practical workshops…

… more life in the body and still more… Through anointing, the Living One speaks to the living…