Joints and Contractions Solar Oil

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100 ml

“The Lord and Teacher is risen beyond death.
He has become what he was before the tearing.
His body was whole.
He had a body but this body was the true body.”
(Gospel of Philip 72)

Rich in salycilates, camphor and other natural active principles such as “cortisone-like” (natural cortisone), this Oil of Anointing acts on rheumatic pains and joint-pains. It is antalgic, anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory. It is effective against tendonitis, arthritis, contractions, cramps and sprains. It is an ideal Oil for sportsmen, before and after effort.

Calming and soothing for physical pains, it acts on stiffness of joints and muscles, thus allowing the disappearance of what is no longer needed. “Huile Consolatrice Articulations et Contractures” helps to free and harmonise the flow of the circulation of life-energy in the body. (Liberation of maladjusted “ armour-plating” according to W.Reich).

Liberating tensions, pains, stiffness and energy-blocks, this Oil of Anointing restores flexibility and fluidity to our movements, but also to our emotional life, binding it to the Living Principle that animates us.

It is a stimulant to the immune system. It restores energy to those afflicted by sudden exhaustion. In such cases, “Huile Consolatrice Articulations et Contractures” brings warmth and comfort to our swollen and painful organisms.

This Oil of Anointing can be used for local massage or more generous massage of the whole body. As it is very concentrated it is possible to dilute it using a neutral Oil.


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