Sacred sexuality

Sexuality, Spirituality, Sacred, Sound, Sensuality, Savage, Sagacity, SSSSSS...

Having accompanied women and men for many years,  and also having accompanied myself... I was able to realize just how much sexuality rhymes with dramatic, energetic predation, dependencies, shame, ignorance, confusion and complication. Humhum...What a shame...seeing as it was a sexual experience between two people that started life on earth! How sad when sexual energy and the way we live it is a source of happiness, rapture and creativity. How ignorant then that it is how we have lived sexual energy, that we create this world, our liberation or our confinement...

Discover these wonderful intimate toy jewels created for women on this site which is dedicated to Anointment, to the multidimensional opening and to the Light Technologies. Why? Quite simply because all this brings us back to the Awakening, to the free living of this space-time, to our divine Power Creator, to our divine Magic.

My writings are dedicated to the Human Created Power, and its multidimensional stellar origins. They replace sexuality, and its role in the functioning of our multidimensional being, in the context of all levels of the health of our being. Today it is vital to that we dare to leave behind the Ignorance, and we must find a way to do this. Living sexual energy is essential to the activation and the Liberation-Awakening of the wonderful Light Technology that is our Sacred Ship – the body - and its Creator power.

1: What is sexuality???

Ask yourself this question, ask will be interesting to see the different points of view brought together...
It is a huge error to believe that sexuality can be summed up as just a relationship between two people and, rumpy pumpy...

For my part, I will answer this in a few words: a sexual relation to the environment  has been embodied in this 3D, to itself and in itself. The energy of life in the 3D is the libido, sexual energy and fundamental violence; these are the different sides of the vital and orgasmic energy drive.
All polarities give way to an energetic current, this is the basis of life in 3D. Completeness is the dynamic experience of our two integrated polarities; necessary to experience this sexual Androgynous – not repressed sexuality – to truly live the Liberation.

Can I not mount a celestial dragon -
To breathe the essence of the sun and the moon -
To finally become immortal!

(Li Po)

Energy IS; the question is what do we do with it, and how the soul and the souls ship – the body – deals with it.
This vital sexual energy and drive can stagnate, be repressed, deviated. It can feed our neurosis, our fears, our anxieties, our character traits, our guilt and our depravity... It can be brought to life through an intimate sexual relationship with another person – with or without love – It can be a source of creativity, of divine Magic, of Awakening, or of confined and unconscious creations. It can be a source of rapture, of health or of sickness and suffering.
In short, sexual energy is everywhere and enlivens everything; it underlies all forms of life and the 3D relation. It is even sexual energy that will turn on our Spacecraft-body, our soul's multidimensional vehicle – and its wonderful powers; it is only possible to express our soul through the Spacecraft-body which is a perceptive and creative tool.

Hahaha, pleasure and suffering should live together! There is a problem somewhere isn't there?

In our society, sex is dispossessed, broken, cut into pieces and taken out of the body and the being. ecology of sexual energy would change the world; this was the message delivered by W. Reich. I agree with this, having experienced it myself.

Diverting the human relationship to his sexual energy is the spiritual castration of an entire race! This diversion causes us to suffer, to become sluggish and manipulable.

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