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My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?”
The Lord and Teacher spoke these words on the cross
For he went to the place of division in order to bring together
Everything that had been separated back to God.
(Gospel of Philip 72)

“Huile Consolatrice Unique” is addressed to our heart, the dynamic and mediating centre of all our equilibria, helping it to rediscover and to maintain it in its harmony and coherence.
The heart-centre, which I also call the “Christic Crossroads of the Heart”, contains our capacity of healing, beyond space-time. This point is in relation with the transcendence of the present moment; it is Love. The Christic Crossroads of the Heart opens onto the Sacred Space of all possibilities. It contains the “I am” and permits the passage of healing-consolation of our ancient suffering and enclosing structures, to the opening and fluidity of our being.

There is in this Oil of Anointing a second sowing by Love.

This Heart-Centre is the centre of the Cross of our Vital Body, where there flowers the Rose of Love. It is the place of the “Covenant of Fire” between God and Man and from Man to God: the archetype of all the Covenants. At this point there is the fullness of completion.

On the dynamic balance and the radiance out of this centre depends the right functioning of our whole body, and of our immune system in particular. The thymus gland is associated with the cardiac plexus and we know to what extent our immunity is tied to our capacity to be joyful and happy.

“Huile Consolatrice Unique” is addressed to our Original Hurt, the hurt of separation and abandonment; the Anointing is transmitted to oneself or to others… It is an act of Love.
“Huile Consolatrice Unique” is the Oil of Anointing par excellence. It is applied like every Oil of Anointing, with the consciousness of a Sacred Gesture, the purpose of Love and the reliance which we put into this gesture.
This Anointing Oil is applied, for preference, at the cardiac plexus, with a number of small taps to convey stimulation of the thymus and the immune system. Afterwards it is advised to apply the oil in the middle of the forehead…
All the other plexus-points and pulse-points of the body are equally special points for the application of Anointing.

“Huile Consolatrice Unique” is excellent as a protection against “perverse energies”, thus , any therapist, or other person who feels the need, can use it as a gentle anointing of the cardiac centre and the palms of the hands.

 Elixir and Anoiting Oils: Video 53

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Eau et Feu : La RéunificationWater ans fire : Reunification. Oils and Elixir. Practice of Anointing

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