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Dragon Oil

“In man, the stomach which is placed below,
 corresponds with that which is placed above in Divinity…
Which is why the Creator is in the stomach.”


One evening 4 years ago, I heard : “You are going to contact the Red Dragon of the deep….”

By Dragon I mean all reptiles , serpents, winged dragons and crocodiles.

Though my various initiations and studies, I can not ignore the Serpent or serpents ; Rod of Asclepius, the caduceus of Hermes, kundalini, Uraeus-cobra, Ammit crocodile of the Egyptians who is the guardian of the passage to the opening of the heart. In our body Ammit is the guardian of the passage of the red energy from the diaphragm. Underground Wyvern, Reptiles of our stellar origins, dragon gargoyles fixed in stone upon cathedrals, dragons at the feet of Michael, serpents at the feet of Mary, the serpent wrapped around the apple tree between Adam and Eve….. there are many serpents and dragons….. It’s the subject of the book I’m currently writing in which I elaborate on this text and this oil

And so? This winged serpent-dragon what does it speak of to you??? This dragon of the deep, what is it? who is it?

They are an integral part of our incarnate bodies, as they are part of the physical body of Gaia. It is our fire of the depth, driving force of life, sex drive, fundamental violence ; the Red Dragon is our instinctive force and a spiritual destination.

Our health, vitality, liberty, joy and awakening depend upon its integration and the free circulation of its energy! Its force rehabilitates our autonomy, freedom and security. It awakens in us our ability to love without replaying our dependencies.
So one can easily see why this marvellous reptile became an object of occult following, almost deified.

It is the same for the reptilian dimension of Gaia. We have, en mass, rejected all things concerning Reptilians. We have a reptilian brain ; the reptilian genes in our DNA bring us the worst and the best of our self’s. We should no longer reject that which we fear, but integrate it. Our capacity for Ascension depends on our energetic Unity, we need to reunify ourselves with that which we believe to be the worst in ourselves.
During the course of this year, different plants and minerals presented themselves to me in visions concerning “Red Dragon Oil”, announcing their biochemical and energetic utility in serving this oil.

It is the Feminine Oil of Shakti, Serpent-woman of Fire. Helping us to reestablish our animalistic driving force and make it work for that which is divine within us.
She works on the level of our fears and feelings of guilt linked with the repression of this Red Energy. An anchoring oil, that unifies our human nature with our divine nature.
Accomplishment of our divine-humanity in this plane of incarnation.

Fears and feelings of guilt block the energy of our stomachs, pelvis, sacrum and diaphragm. Painful periods are often due to our subconscious fears surrounding sexuality, fears of intrusions, lived or imagined, or transferred from the female lineage of our families.
Aggression, suppressed anger and surcharging of stress in the stomach area, block the correct circulation of our digestive fluids.
This oil, therefore, is principally used in the massage of the stomach, belly, kidneys and sacrum.

The Huile Consolatrice “Red Dragon Oil” is specially formulated for this type of massage and to unblock the abdominal area, notably through its powerful regulating action on the sympathetic nervous system.

The abdominal area can be assimilated in the forge of our body, called the Hara, where heavy energies are transmuted into finer ones and nourish the subtle energies of our body.
The Hara is an alchemical zone where “light can come out of the shadows”, it is here, through he transmutation of our energies, that our Christic dimension can grow. The practice of anointing this area with Huile Consolatrice “Red Dragon Oil” awakens the fire of alchemy in all our digestive organs.

Digestive tonic, antispasmodic and digestive analgesic, Huile Consolatrice “Red Dragon Oil” acts on constipation and painful periods ; it can eliminate abdominal stagnation due to stress and emotional surplus.
On a psychic level, it helps in the integration of fears, anger and feelings of guilt, bringing vitality through the reestablishment of the circulation of Red Dragon Energy.

Very useful for women who are often constipated through lack of sexual vitality, this again, can be linked to subconscious fears and feelings of guilt.

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