MoonStar Blue Anointing Solar Oil

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This Anointing Scent, conceived and elaborated on the blue moon of August 2012 ; 13th moon... Moon of Isis, Moon of Witches and Magicians... A moon with the power to re-establish the plenitude of the Female Principle in this dimension.
The Huile Consolatrice MoonStar Blue carries the female frequency of Venus and has the prime virtue of enabling us to allow the emergence of our Truth, our fundamental nature, Joy, confidence and acceptance of the unknown within ourselves and this mode of transformation. This is the oil of the Primordial Eternal Child ever present in ourselves, the oil of Innocence and Love.
Dissolving the deep traumatic memories brought about by the perversions and deviations of our many lives on Earth, this oil brings us support in the face of our deep fears concerning incarnation.

The Huile Consolatrice MoonStar Blue is ideal to assist us during any grieving, and transitions... Growing-up to become autonomous is a successional process of grieving that which is known; with each step we take on earth we must grieve the previous step....
This is the Oil of Venus, the Great Mother Goddess whom, thought her presence, re-establishes, in our beings, the Primordial Crystal Earth that has remained pure, the Eternal Earth, pre-dating the falsification inherent in the psychic projections of this space-time.

The precious synergy of Huile Consolatrice MoonStar Blue has been worked to profoundly appease and unify, body, heart and spirit.
It's effectiveness is due to a conjoint action of its scent, chemical composition, colour and energy activation. It thus brings it's message of pacification, to both the most dense physical and most subtle plains.
The sumptuous emerald green colour of the oil, that consoles the heart, is due to the aromatic composition that works on easing the psyche, in it blue tones, and that works on anchoring, acceptance and joyous relaxation, in it’s yellow-orange tones.
Bringing security, stability and reunification of being; necessary conditions of unified and serene love, as opposed to duellist and tormented love.
MoonStar Blue, taming that which is called “dead” in this dimension, can provide an ideal accompaniment to those facing the end of their days, though foot massage (reflexology).
By relaxing the ortho-sympathectic nervous system, Huile Consolatrice MoonStar Blue provides a calming and sedative action which is useful for those suffering from stress and intellectual over stimulation.
Liberating the heart and aiding a return to the essence, helping us to let go of the excessive ruminations of the rational mind.
Through it's powerful psychological impact, Huile Consolatrice MoonStar Blue  brings joy, gentleness and balance.
Huile Consolatrice MoonStar Blue is indicated in states of depression, anxiety, profound nervous and physic fatigue, insomnia, physical and mental tension due to stress ; nervousness and irritability due to emotional imbalance.
It is relaxing and sleep inducing.

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Eau et Feu : La RéunificationWater ans fire : Reunification. Oils and Elixir. Practice of Anointing

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