Breast and Neck Solar Oil

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“How beautiful you are, my Beloved…
your neck is as the Tower of David, built as a fortress,
your two breasts are two fawns, the twin children of a gazelle,
who graze among the lilies…
you take away my senses!”
(Song of Songs)

An Oil of Anointing conceived and developed for women.

The zone of the Heart and the Breasts, for a woman, is a pure expression of the source of Love; through her breasts there is giving: the gift of milk, pleasure and love. Through her breasts a woman receives pleasure and love.

This region of amorous exchange should be radiant, energized, blooming.

The neck is the expression of language itself. By the spoken word there is gift. The word that gives life, if it is nourished by the Sacred Space of the Heart. The Creative Word. This sensitive zone is the bearer of many emotional hurts; and then the breasts are often forgotten, or made into objects; the word becomes hard and wounding.

It is necessary for women to take care of this whole zone, and to re-establish a loving and regular contact with their breasts. To give back life and expression to the breasts through the practice of massage and daily care, to re-establish energizing exchanges deep within the tissues, is preventative of breast-cancer.

“Huile Consolatrice Seins et Cou” is an Oil of Anointing rich in restructuring elements,
(Vitamins A,C,E, essential fatty acids, selected essential oils, solar macerations); it is stimulating, strengthening and re-shaping, for the breasts and the region below the chin. It hydrates, tones up and revitalises the skin.

Mildly aphrodisiac, it restores sexuality to its sacred dimension.

“Huile Consolatrice Seins et Cou” is ideal for massage of the breasts according to the Taoist tradition.


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