Intimacy Solar Oil

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“The mystery which unites two beings is great; without this union
the world would not exist.”
Gospel according to Phillip 60, 2-3

Sexual energy is something of immense strength and joy. Our sexual life reflects our state of health, our emotional and relational well-being.

Toute indiquée pour la pratique des Oeufs de Yoni, Magic LingÂme®, YoniToy® et massages intimes de la Yoni et du Point G.
Mais aussi, bien évidemment, pour les massages intimes de la verge.

In our time, sexuality is still too often experienced in a restrained and shame-ridden way, bound by moralising taboos. So-called sexual freedom is also a realm of sexual confusion. The powerful sexual energy is part of the energy of Life itself ; being sacred, it should be experienced as a Light which regenerates human beings and illumines the world. “Man is united to woman in the nuptial chamber, and those who have known this sacred embrace will never more be separated.” (Phil. 79) “All those who practise the sacred embrace will kindle the Light.” (Phil. 126). Love, desire, are not born of want, but of expansion towards the other; sexuality, the way of wholeness and liberty, bears witness to His Presence.

Sexual harmony, when obtained through intimacy lived in consciousness and confidence, is a way of health and spiritual opening; the intimate relationship of the couple, nourished by desire and sensual pleasure, is a healing and consoling way of Love. “What is the nuptial chamber if not the place of Confidence and Consciousness in embracing?” (Phil.76) “If anyone experiences Confidence and Consciousness at the heart of the embrace, he becomes a son of Light.” (Phil.127). Sexual wisdom can bring us a holistic and healthy experience of our sexuality; physical health, loving intimacy and spiritual growth are linked.

The holy Oil of Anointing, “Huile Consolatrice Intimité”, is formulated, elaborated and consecrated to bring Light and consolation to the heart of conscious sexual relationship, this latter being lived as a sacred Art and Prayer. The perfume, the texture and the composition of “Huile Consolatrice Intimité” make it an ideal Oil of Anointing for couples in their amorous exchanges. If our heart is filled with Love, the sexual act becomes healing and consoling, the intimate relationship is one in His Image. Practised alone or in the couple, the art of genital massage, permitting the circulation of sexual energy, is a technique of healing coming from the traditions of ancient wisdom; the genital organs having reflex zones corresponding to specific parts of the body.

The Anointing of the genital area, practised conscientiously, allows the liberation of painful memories relative to sexuality.

Every authentic healing, for itself and for the world, should begin in the “nuptial chamber”; Is it not sexuality and Love which transmit Life, from one generation to another?

“The sacred Force has been given by the New.
Man has received this “extra”
Not to make many bodies, but to make Man.
There is no need of many men, but of Man.”
Dialogues with the Angel


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Eau et Feu : La RéunificationWater ans fire : Reunification. Oils and Elixir. Practice of Anointing

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