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Multidimension and Ascension

Some feel it is nonsense to practice “medicine” and various treatments without considering the multidimensional Human-Divine reality of our Unified beings.

At this time, it is necessary that our thoughts and actions, become therapeutic, and reunite with and are nourished by our multidimensional consciousness. Looking at our circumstances from the consciousness of our multidimensional reality is now extremely important.

Question everything!  So that you do not fall into the trap of dissociation; it’s about a true mutation of our entire incarnated being. Every thought, word and action must be dedicated to Spirit, in order to accomplish the ascension process of our universe.

Therefore, I no longer wear any more labels. In my past, as a teacher of life experiences, learning and initiations have contributed to make me who I am today. I do not deny any of it, and simply live the “who I am” today; a woman dedicated to the Service of Spirit.

Therapist, Psychotherapist, Shaman, Priestess, Artist, and Energy Bodywork, are part of my repertoire. However, every person who is fully living the Human-Divine reality has all these qualities; these qualities, and many more are in every Healthy Being.

We all are Healthy Beings, Messengers of the Source!

Jesus and Mary of Magdala?  Were they not simply the Unified Man and Woman living the Human-Divine reality of their multidimensional nature, and sent from the Source?

Were they Man and Woman; reunifying their Being at all levels allowing them to live the Ascension?

The Ascension is the lifting of the veils of illusion, of the separation, and the conscious reincorporation of the multidimensional extensions of an incarnated being.

It’s about a global healing process at the universal and galactic levels.  I write about this in more detail in my web site. Experiences in the last few months have contributed to the clarification of my thoughts about the ascension process.

The “Huiles Consolatrices Adevaya” should be considered ascension “partners” when they are used consciously. During the Anointing Workshops, I explain how the human being functions and how those experiences in this present life are linked to the healing integration of all dissociated parts, depending upon the perverse energetic grid. This grid is bound to disappear soon, and it is already transforming. It’s time to let go of the illusions and accept the full power of our Royalty. It is unrealistic to retain the memories of the past. Only a Reunified being, free, and complete within, can live with flexibility and enjoy the transformation of this dimension.

The following text contains my testimony, which was published in the wonderful magazine “Rêve de Femmes”, in Paris. I am grateful for this inclusion.

Access to our multidimensional memories, a wonderful adventure

Complementary information about the Anointing, The Sacred Oils of Anointing “Huiles Consolatrices Adevaya” and their use.

Here are some amazing possibilities for using the “Huiles Consolatrices Adevaya”.
Become creative and play with the Oils and the Elixir.
In my texts and workshops, I teach how they act and react with the intention of the Love Consciousness.
The Oils and The Elixir are partners, “tools” of the Ascension, because of their reunifying skills at all levels of Being.


Then, Oils and Elixir can accompany any other therapeutic modality: acupuncture, moxa, massage, reflexology, psychotherapy, energy healing, places purification (home, garden, office, car etc), reverse the program of the scars, protection of the therapist, intimate lover games, remote healing, etc.

In my workshops, I explain how I use the Oils and the Elixir. We also experience and test the receiving of the Oils and Elixir.  Here are some other possibilities:

All my formulas may be ingested. However, I recommend placing one drop of the Energetic Oil on your tongue, mixed with one drop of the Elixir.

Cell phones and modem protection: Take one drop of the “Huile Unique” and one drop of the Elixir, and mix with your finger. Leaving it on your finger, blow on the mixture and offer the following intention: “I command that all waves of my cell phone become biocompatible with me and are beneficial to my health”!

Soak the above mixture in a small piece of blotting paper and put it on the battery, in the inside of the transmitting antenna. This has been tested by kinesiology and bio-field. Test it yourself and let me know.

For the Internet modem, or WiFi, soak the mixture in a piece of cotton, and scotch tape it to the device. I have noticed that the waves by themselves are not toxic, that they heal. I ask you to try this for yourself.

The Yoga of the Presence:

The Oils awaken our senses, sensuality, and sensory fields. Kashmiri Tantric Yoga speaks beautifully to the potential of our sensory field.

“If you are not released by taking a deep pleasure in the sensory world, can you say that your knowledge is perfect?  Because, at the end of the spatial sensory organ, the ego is spreading out.” (Saraha, Buddhist Master, initiated by a yogini)

“The senses have the power to establish this new creation, as evidenced by the experience, they are backed by the power of the uncreated conscience. Thus the power of the senses comes from the strength of absorption in the Self.” (Bhâshara, Kashmiri master.)

Our senses open the doors to the Kingdom of the Presence, to the Real and Love.

“The moment your attention awakens through the sense organs you enter the spatiality of your own heart”. (Vijnaânabhaîrava tantra.)

Be creative and develop your visual, olfactory, tactile, auditory and gustatory consciousness!

Concentrated or diluted?

All the Oils transfer their information to any substance! Be creative! A Few drops of the informed mixture from the Elixir and the Oil can be diluted in your massage oils, in your cosmetic products, or in carrier oils. Consciously bring the mixture in front of your heart and energize it. Your intention must be fully present during the application!

To reprogram the DNA and the cells use a few drops of the Elixir in pure water, energize and let it rest. Exposing the Elixir to the sun for a few hours is ideal.

Using the Oils in concentrated form delivers the full benefits of the active ingredients.
It’s ideal for the reflex zones. I personally use the Oils concentrated all the time except for the body massage where I dilute the Body Anointing Oil in a carrier, oil like Olive or Sesame.

In their bottle, the Oils are also very potent. I know some adults and children find they are able
to relax with a bottle under their pillow or in their pocket.

See for yourself!  Simply by having some of the Oil bottles at home, you will experience some synchronicities if you place your intention there.

I always carry a bottle “Huile Unique” and a bottle “Elixir Unique” with me.
When I hold them in each of my hands, I always ask that the will of Spirit be done.

Information about healing sessions, workshops and retreats.

Many People who consult my website, and are having a difficult time want to be helped rapidly. They want sort of an S.O.S sent to the Universe because nothing is working for them.  They are attracted by my writing that carries “spiritual” and “wonderful” energy. I use these words, probably too much. I am not offering the “wonderful spirituality” that they are looking for, but I feel their distress and their sadness, and their desire for Unity and beyond. I have created this part of my website to offer guidance, and reduce confusion regarding “spirituality”, “energy”, “love”, and “unity”.

To these inquiries, I have found a way that is not seductive. To awaken a soul requires accessing clarity at the subconscious level. This is what the oils accomplish! Many of you have experienced the effects of a morning wake up. It’s still dark outside and you are emerging from your deep sleep in your warm, cozy bed, feeling fully protected. Your thoughts begin projecting a new day, but it’s not especially a joyful, welcome and loving day. Do you feel like you don’t want to wake up? Or maybe have you’ve decided to cuddle a bit longer under your warm duvet?

But today, there is no longer time to be lethargic, and not attempt to realize the full potential of your life. This is the true suffering imposed at the subconscious level. This lethargy is what creates the suffering of the soul.

Experiencing the Spiritual and the Wonderful occurs when you awaken. We are all involved in assisting one another to awaken, because every situation and every relationship propels you in that direction.

Experiencing negative and difficult times, and working through them are gifts that Spirit brings you in order to assist in your awakening process.

There is a heart connection that my written texts shares with you about the Anointing and what is occurring with the Oils. They can be used as a balm for wounds, as a new way of reaching the Light at the end of the tunnel.  This is the attraction of the Oils.

Some people who have used the oils successfully, have said to me: “You are my savior”! I can’t help telling them that this is actually why they are suffering and will continue to suffer. Giving your power away, even to God, denying your full responsibility to Life, asking an outer force to command your life, will make you the eternal victim, always dependent, giving away the power of your happiness to another being or to the conditions of life. Further, giving your power to the Anointing Oils will be nothing more than a magical band-aid, making you dependent on the Oils to save you! This is what causes spiritual confusion. The oils are designed to assist you in self- healing. 

The “Huiles Consolatrices Adevaya”, Anointing Sacred Oils, are to be used in full awareness to accompany the process of autonomy,

The “Pages Ouvertes”,

The workshops and lectures

I am sharing my spiritual and life story, and my personal therapeutic and initiated stages. This allows me to guide people to the Life journey, which I have already experienced and continue to live as a woman, grounded between Earth and Sky in a joyful, creative and spontaneous evolution of my own.

I guide people to their inner reunifications, their entirety and autonomy. For me, this is a way of healing towards the sacred of our being and relationship… a true way to the openness of the heart and autonomous love. Spirituality can take place, simply, by accepting and accomplishing our incarnation into our body, soul, and Spirit. Sexuality is linked with Spirit by a Joyful and loving Heart.

Spirituality is not to be reached outside from Reunifications or from our relationships.

The process of Reunification releases the energetic blockages and dissociations that have been created by the person for survival in order to not feel his/her deep wounds. The wounds can be revealed and healed by the acceptance and the openness of the heart.

“Everything not expressed imprints”! This then creates the various Somatizations and difficult circumstances in life.

In my practice, I use methods like improving the quality of the brain and body plasticity in order to restore the neural and energetic links clearing traumatic traces locked in from the past; reprinting new traces made visible by opening to the flow of Life and Love.  There are also methods that promote emotional release by the body and the brain such as EFT, Bilateral Stimulation, and using the TAT method (Acupressure technique from Tapas that I have adapted by introducing the heart dimension).

You may print these pages by respecting the text and mentioning the author and her website

(Françoise Leskens)