Mother and Baby Solar Oil

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“Two beings are henceforth only one,
and it is when they are one
that they can become three.” De Corte

Maternity, expecting a child, carrying a child, giving birth, welcoming a child, acceptance, separation, bodily, psychical and spiritual metamorphoses.. What a woman lives through in the course of her maternity, what a child lives through, all this is part of a mystical and initiatory experience, a creative passage in which both take part together.

The bond between them is formed, is unformed, is transformed, still more Life and in the body, more Love, more autonomy, more openness to the world… a new relational balance, twofold, threefold …

From this unique experience a unique human being is born; this experience initialises the cycle of a being’s life, his physical life, his psychical life and his spiritual life.

In this Sacred experience, Mother, Father, Child enter into a relationship of Love.

“Huile Consolatrice Maman-Bébé” has been conceived to accompany the processes of transformation and separation tied to maternity. For the Mother (from the third month of pregnancy onwards,) for the Child, but even also for the Father; there are physical transformations but also deeply psychical and spiritual ones.

“Huile Consolatrice Maman-Bébé” by helping to break with “constraints” of the past, has an influence on the transformation of the mental schemata, notably in allowing the acceptance and accompaniment, in the most fluid manner, of the bodily regime which every woman passes through in maternity. Acceptance and passing through of the physical and psychical changes, acceptance of separation and modification of the nature of the bond, for both Mother and Child.

Helping to build up scar-tissue and immuno-stimulating, developed to combine the Sacred and the Material, this Oil of Anointing, used conscientiously, is ideal for Baby-massage.
(To be diluted with sesame or olive oil.)

“Huile Consolatrice Maman-Bébé” has a healing and scar-forming effect on the skins of both Mother and Child; anti-weal-forming, anti-crack-forming, anti-pit-forming, against milk-crusts against erythema of the buttocks, sun-stroke, dry eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis. Its action touches the emotional and psychical sphere equally: insomnia, distress, post-partum depression, panic, anxiety and sadness. It brings calm, peacefulness and interior security.
Every person whose bond with their mother is hurt or damaged can be helped by “Huile Consolatrice Maman-Bébé”. Difficulties of separation, lack or diminution of bonding, difficulties of acquiring autonomy, mourning. The scar-forming and calming action will be more subtle, energising and psychical; the whole zone of the belly, where the navel is the scar of the mother-bond, is involved.


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