The Black Magic LingÂme and his Pouch

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Female sexual energizing
Sensuality, Sexuality, Health, Spirituality.

The Taoïst tradition, Yoga of Presence.
Tantra: the path of unification and fullness of relations.

Semi-precious stone love energizing eggs
Yoni Eggs

Carved semi-precious stone dildos
The Magic Lingam®

The energizing Yoni Egg is conceived for introducing into the vagina and is called  a Yoni Egg (Yoni being the Sanskrit word to describe the female genitalia and sex organs)
Use of the Yoni Egg and or the Magic Lingam, for genital massage, contribute to elimination of blockages in sexual energy flow. This practice can be used as a means to dissolve the build up of toxins, and the emotions and traumas which remain fixed to the toxins, which will be eliminated thought the circulatory system, be sure to drink lots of high quality pure water! This in turn will release physical and emotional blockages of the pelvic region. Massage and the related use of the yoni egg and magic lingam treat painful periods, painful sexual relations, lack of libido and help to regain tonicity and subtle sensuality in the vagina. Thus obtaining higher levels of ecstasy through continued  practices.

It should be noted that a women who have a reduced tonicity in and awareness of their vagina will also experience a loss of vitality in general… In fact the lack of awareness and presence in any part of the body can lead to  energetic intrusion, of many types, and a lack of vital energy!
In the Taoist tradition, energetic love eggs are use to reinforce the vagina and irrigate the vaginal walls through gentle intimate massage, and also allows the elimination of dead cells. This activating and energizing practice nourishes the uterus, sexual organs and glands, providing purification of “perverse” energies that may be held in the uterus.
My practice has long surpassed this purely therapeutic aspect and has allowed me to dare, as a woman, to experience orgasms that melt into waves of ecstasy. This feminine practice is just a beneficial for men as for women, coming into contact with a supple, energized, pulsating and healthy vagina, that is loving and receptive makes a Holy (pun intended!!) different experience in our Life relations for one and all!!

In ancient China, the practice of love Yoni Eggs was a secret reserved for the women of royal lineage to attain fertility and reinforce their pubic and pelvic muscles.
Conscious exercise using these eggs results in the rising and maintenance of the inner Fire…. So, sexual energy can thus flood the heart and organs. Ecstatic sex and lovemaking are incarnate spirituality which can animate our powers of manifestation. The Fire energy of sexuality is a manifestation of Consciousness of the first order.

The eggs can be worn all day and, depending on the type of stone used, the sensation and curative or energetic effects will differ.

Have fun with this exploration…. Two eggs at a time is a beautiful experience…

Most women who take part in this practice experience an increase of their sexual energy; the sensual Presence, which when linked to Breath is, as far as I’m concerned, a physical and spiritual daily asceticism .

In the texts online in this website, and in my books ( for now, only in French language, sorry…) I speak of The Awakening of the three “Zero Points” (as named by quantum physics) of our bodies; the Uterus, Heart and Brain. The practice using love eggs allows these three areas to align, thus awaken our Light bodies and capacity to live and interact with them. Radiating Fire vibration, the winged flight of the Dragon to the upper limits of spirit. The practice of using love eggs puts me into contact with my own radiant Entirety of my being, rainbow bridge rooted in the earth and the sky, upon which the awakening of my multidimensional consciousness  depends.
The eggs all have a small hole which allows a thread or dental floss to be attached, forming a loop, that is necessary for certain exercises and to ensure the easy removal of the egg.
I propose The YoYo Chain, having multiple benefits, in silver 950 to replace the dental floss!
The smaller size of egg is designed for either women who have not had children or with a particularly toned vagina or for the practice of certain sliding exercises and for the use of two eggs at a time.
I do not have time here to go into detail of the divers games and possibilities to be practiced with the eggs, neither can I respond individually to you questions by email or telephone, however these questions can be addressed if you partake in one of my workshops or in a private consultation. I recommend reading the recommended books, creative play and discovery lead by your own sensations and feelings in an adventurous and inventive manner …

The egg, the Magic Lingam, sexuality and love are not experienced with the mind…. take your time…. feel…. play!

Resume of the effects of using Yoni Eggs and Magic Lingam :
Sexercises and meditation
re-education of the pelvic floor after pregnancy and giving birth : Kegel exerciser.
Toning and sensorial awakening of the intimate parts
Awakening of the G-spot, and female ejaculation.
Transmutation of trauma and sufferance; invasions, abortions, miscarriage, rape, lack of self respect, painful family experiences etc….
Conscious sexuality
Orgasms of a more enclosing and intense nature that create a fountain-like sensation in the whole body
A uninhibited and more satisfying sexuality
Linking of sexual energy with the heart and spirituality, sexual meditative practice
Self knowledge
The awakening of sexual energy and ability to direct and refine it
Joy, health and general well being
Uterine and general vitality
Liberation of internal tensions
Opening of consciousness and modified states of consciousness

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